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Laser Surgery

We are pleased to offer this cutting-edge surgical technology at our hospital. 
Dr. Jatsek has been performing surgeries with the CO2 surgical laser since 2002. 

In many surgical procedures, soft tissue surgery is performed with a CO2 laser.


laser surgery

   Laser surgery has many benefits for your pet, including:

  Less Bleeding - As it cuts, the laser seals small blood vessels.
      This drastic reduction in bleeding results in a safer surgical
       experience for your pet.
  Less Pain - The CO2 laser seals nerve endings and
       lymphatic vessels, resulting in less edema and pain.
       Your pet experiences a far-more comfortable

       post-operative recovery.
  Reduced Risk of Infection - This is one of the
       unique features of the CO2 laser beam. It efficiently

       kills bacteria in its path, producing a sterilizing effect.           

 Quicker Recovery Time -  Reduced risk of infection,
       less bleeding, less pain and less swelling, often allowing

       the patient a far quicker recovery after surgery.